Do You Need to Upgrade Your Vacuum Cleaner for New Carpet?

If you have new carpet, do you need a new vacuum cleaner for carpets too? Let’s look at the reasons why you might want to upgrade your vacuum now. It’s a pertinent question as it will affect how well you can care for your investment.

The most important factor in deciding to keep your vacuum or get a new one is the height of the carpet fiber. If you were used to vacuuming Berber and now you’ll be cleaning shag, chances are you’ll need a new vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner for New Carpet


How do you know if your vacuum can handle high pile carpets? For one, see if it still has strong suction. Otherwise, you’ll only be cleaning the surface of the rug, not removing debris from deep down inside. But there are other features you’ll need besides that.

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