Carpet Cleaning

Fast, Dry, Deep and Spotless Carpet Cleaning Services

At Rocket City Carpet, LLC, we use hi-tech carpet vacuum cleaners to get the job done. Rocket City Carpet, LLC offers the following commercial and residential services:

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We always pre-treat and steam clean with a high power truck mount. Expect fast dry, deep clean and spotless cleaning which revives color and freshness.

Power Scrubber

Ideal for high traffic and heavily soiled carpet.

Bleach Stain Removal

Rust Removal

Red Stains Removal

Odor Control

We handle pet odor, smoke odor, deodorants and disinfectants.

Carpet Reinstallation and Repair

We handle patches, cigarette burns, iron burns and carpet bars.

Carpet Stretching

We use power stretching to improve appearance and installation.

Spot Dyeing

We repair the color of your carpeting.

Emergency Fire and Water

A Certified Technician